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Wikis are a piece of hippie technology, based on good intentions and sharing and happy goodness and mom and apple pie but, as in every hippie technology, the actual implementation sucks.
-- Kiko



Pigdog Journal Articles:

2000-05-24 Ragboy, Ragboy, Wutchyagonna Do?
2000-05-01 Bubble Boy No More!
2000-03-31 Godzilla Destroys Bass Brothers, Ft. Worth in ShitStorm Crazy Orgy
2000-03-20 The Insipid Underbelly of SXSW
2000-01-14 Natural Law is Coming!
1999-11-11 Money for Almost Nothin
1999-11-09 Bad night to be a Protestant Ninja


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1999-11-11 At 13, I would have killed for this...
1999-11-08 From the nation that brought you the Walkman...
Wonder if it's wash and wear or dry clean only...
1999-11-08 The King of the Hillbillies
1999-07-13 The Village Voice keep Pan Am Flight 800 Coverage Alive
1999-07-13 NT vs. Linux: The Newbie Horror Story



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