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you can't spell "death" without "DEA".
-- Juggler Vain


La Aterciopelada

La Aterciopelada, glamor queen and champagne connoisseur, graces Pigdog Journal with her occasional bon mots, deep insights and oh-so-clever epigrams between recording sessions and jaunts on the Concorde. Her inimitable style has uplifted our humble publication, and her expertise in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira has got Pigdoggers out of many a dangerous social situation over the years. Her hobbies include passionate latin dance, sun screen, and oyster-tasting yacht trips on the New England Coast. A deputized official and passionate defender of law and order, she has taken a solemn OATH that prevents her from ever refusing a boon to any man, woman or child in need of her services. Beaujolais for La Aterciopelada!

Pigdog Journal Articles:

1999-08-12 Cute Little Country has Cute Little Crimes: Toad-Tadpoles Kidnapped in Denmark!!
1999-06-28 The Dangers of Underestimating Mexican Serial Killers


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1999-06-29 Know Your Mullet!!



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