There are half-eaten animals lying on the sidewalks!
-- Head Freezin' Gene


Eugene Leitl

Gene is a type only to be found on Pigdog Journal: a German-Russian extropian who speaks seven languages and can kill a man with his bare claws. He currently works in a lab in Southern California where he freezes the heads of rich science-fiction fans, but spends most of his time torturing small mammals with liquid nitrogen. Gene's biggest dream is to lead the human infosphere through the Singularity and be the biggest bush robot on the space station. He would kick your ASS then, man!

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2003-03-09 I've Seen Dead People
1999-05-11 Don't you understand?! We're all gonna DIE!!!!!


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2002-08-22 Bart / Ass
Some people should not be allowed to get tats. And looking at the quality, some people should not be allowed to do tats.
1999-08-02 Curse Free TV
'Curse Free TV' is a gadget that scans closed-captioning in order to mute-out profanity and 'other offensive phrases.'



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