We're not like the others.  We really hate you.




I love pornography. One of my biggest fears in life is that I'm gonna die and my parents are going to clean out my apartment and find that porno wing I've been adding onto for years.
-- Bill Hicks


Negative Nancy

Nancy came to us from a documented magnetic well point in the mountains of Eastern Europe. Raised from birth in this warped environment, she's developed a black crackling aura about her person and a bitingly cruel outlook on the dark and decaying world. Despite months of electroshock therapy, we've been unable to reverse her polarity. More's the pity for the hapless patient; more's the pleasure for you, our gentle reader.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2002-08-20 Chupacabra VS. Muhnochwa!
2002-06-05 Vacationing from Somnambulant Narrow Realities
2002-01-29 The Inattentive Beachcomber
2001-11-14 Now in new 'impish' flavor!
2001-05-11 Some Funny Shit
2001-04-23 Lets Just Take A Moment...
2000-04-06 Hackin' in the Bad Way
2000-03-22 Britsh Royalty Caught in Hair Cheese Scandal!
2000-03-21 So Close... and Yet...
2000-03-10 Aliens Frame Man For Burglary
2000-02-29 Wacky Brits Surfing Starkers
2000-02-28 Oh God Make It Stop!!
2000-02-25 MPAA Ain't the Only Bad Business...
2000-02-14 Dont Forget! March 13 is St.Urpasian Day!
2000-02-09 Ha! I Just Knew Something Bad Was Gonna Happen!
2000-02-09 Free Speech Shushed Once Again
2000-02-04 It Takes 2 to Tango, But Only 1 To Be An Asshole
2000-01-31 133% of Americans Think Polls Make Their Opinion Worth Something
2000-01-21 Woman Molested By Elvis & Michael Jackson At the Same Time!
2000-01-21 Everyone's a Critic
2000-01-19 Scottish Government Wants Gay Sex Lessons in Schools!
2000-01-13 Steal Ben Stein's Money!
1999-12-22 Midget "Shortage" Strikes Britain!
1999-12-20 This May Explain Love
1999-11-11 Keep 'Em Coming!
1999-11-05 South African Cabbies Clash; 10 Die, 24 Hurt
1999-11-05 Alien Baby Rushed to Hospital!
1999-10-22 This Really Isn't Funny
1999-10-22 2 Year Sentence For Columbine Threat Vs. 4 Months For Murder
1999-10-22 Hell House Scares the Fuck Out of Kids Yet Again
1999-10-21 Creationism Road Kill Fever!
1999-10-20 Mental patients to get the vote in England
1999-10-20 Y2K! Child Sex Scam! On The Internet!
1999-10-08 Knicker Nicker Nicked
1999-10-05 Customs Seizes Birdseed With 0.0014 Percent Hemp
1999-10-01 Death By Fetish
1999-10-01 Never Ask A Man To Do A Woman's Job
1999-09-23 Fnord-O-Rama!
1999-09-23 Good Morning America!
1999-09-21 He Said "Anus"
1999-09-21 My First Prostitute
1999-09-21 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
1999-09-08 Fear Your Children!
1999-08-27 Walken and Singin'?
1999-08-18 Frosted Flakes Freak Out
1999-08-17 Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?
1999-08-05 Alabama -- Atlanta, What's the Difference?
1999-08-05 Unconfirmed Case of Ebola Quarantined in Germany
1999-08-04 Honey, this mutton tastes funny
1999-08-02 Dosed By The Government!
1999-07-24 Hijacker Just Wanted to Fly Plane
1999-06-29 Lies and Trickery Used To Catch Bad Guys
1999-06-29 13-year-old Swindles New York!
1999-05-24 COMNAVAIRESFOR is One Hell of an Acronym
1999-05-21 And They Got Away With It!
1999-05-05 Scoop Scoopy-Doop
1999-05-05 Serial Killer Atlas
1999-04-29 Oh The Humanity! Oh For A Little Perspective
1999-04-22 Oh That's Really Gonna Help...
1999-03-24 Never Tell ANYONE What Goes On In This War
1999-03-16 Squirrel Cuts Power To Five Thousand
1999-03-15 Set Gag Reflex On Stun
1999-02-17 Female Sexual Pleasure Outlawed in Alabama
1999-02-02 CopMall, The Ultimate Fascist Showcase
1999-02-01 Waking the Dead
1999-01-05 Absent check apparently triggers attack
1999-01-05 Holiday Rice Cakes Kill Three
1999-01-05 Looky There! A Shack on Wheels!
1998-12-17 Revisionist Etymology
1998-12-01 Gruesome Pig Mutilations in Palo Alto!
1998-12-01 I'm Dreaming of a Green and White Christmas
1998-12-01 Knippen En Wippen
1998-12-01 Truck Spills Millions of Bees
1998-11-10 Pig Vs. Pig Grudge Match!
1998-11-10 Poop in the News!


Offsite Links

NOTE: content of offsite links is not (necessarily) created by this Pigdog Journal author. They just found it and shared it with you.

2001-12-19 It's good to have goals
When 900 years drunk you be, look this good you will not.
2001-11-15 Page me later
I fucking hate you! ps- page me later
2001-06-04 Icky Icky Piss Swilling!
1999-11-12 Police Bust Middleschool Pokemon Theft Ring
1999-11-12 Hoe E'Zine is a Hoe' Lotta Cool!
1999-11-12 Columbine Killers Left Videos for Police to Find
1999-11-02 Hawaiin Xerox employee looses that Aloha feeling and shoots 7
1999-10-22 Salon Covers "Tween" Fnord-o-Rama
1999-09-29 Customs Seizes $50,000 in Counterfeit Pokemons
1999-09-23 Woman arrested for not having cancer
1999-09-21 Monk use term "popping woody"
1999-09-21 Serial Cat Killer Plagues San Jose
1999-09-21 Being a monopoly means never having to say you're sorry.
1999-08-17 Was There A Real Fox Mulder?
X-Files version of history is backed by CIA report-- But how come only British papers are covering the story?
1999-08-04 Crocodile Dundee shot & killed by Aussie cops
1999-08-02 Lewinsky Rolls Her SUV
Monica Lewinsky rolls SUV while trying to get something outta her purse.
1999-06-30 Woman Goes Crazy For Tomatoes!
1999-06-30 Amish Cokeheads Busted!!
1999-06-30 Jury Awards $5M to Man in Bee Stings
1999-06-30 DAY OF THE HIT MEN
1999-06-30 The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Settles Dispute in Georgia
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Settles Dispute in Georgia
1999-06-28 Michael Jackson Treated For Exhaustion




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