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Gentle Reader, The Word will leap on you with leopard man iron claws, it will cut off fingers and toes like an opportunist land crab, it will coil round your thighs like a bushmaster and inject a shot glass of rancid ectoplasm.
-- WSB


Joab Jackson

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1998-12-08 Burning Man, Part 2: Funky Hoedown at the Research Lab!


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2000-11-03 Boy promised to be taken to Disneyland; Was going to be sold for Organs
1999-11-28 Person gets all excited that Elvis rode NY Subway and puts up Web page about it.
1999-08-08 Soccer hooligans organize on the Net
1999-08-04 The quinessential boring site:
1999-08-04 Death Row Online
1999-08-04 Yet another reason Woodstock was evil (lots of rapes)...



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