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I have enough hard alcohol in the house right now to get 5th SS Panzer Division tanked or the entire Senate (including those young cute female pages that Strom and Kennedy like) ripped. But I guess I can always use some more.
-- Johnnie Royale


Dkr. Armand Geddyn
Dobbsian drunk technod0rk

Dkr. Geddyn is presently encamped in Austin, where he spends most of his time wooing the lady bartenders by grossly overtipping and slurring together proclamations of love and bizarre death threats.

Pigdog Journal Articles:

2005-02-15 Dumbass Fired for Online Dumbassery
2005-02-10 Ammunition in the Class War
2004-02-13 Major Operating Source Code Leaked
2003-08-17 Microsoft: Who do you want to 0wn today?
2003-01-07 DeCSS A-OK in Norway
2002-07-26 County Politico Fingers Helpful Hax0r, Sysadmin in Wireless Breach
2002-05-23 British Scofflaw Defies US DMCA
2002-02-02 Six More Weeks of Bombing
2002-01-11 Jerk City's Slow Descent to Madness
2001-06-27 Stop Microsoft from Embracing and Extending Your Home Page
2001-03-13 Stupid Security Tool for Stupid SysAdmins


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2005-02-17 Microsoft sp1llz teh b34nz on hax0r talk
Your kid might be a k1dd1e if...
2004-12-09 Crazy Cat Lady Strikes Again
2004-11-24 Religio-psychotic gives baby to God, one chunk at a time.
2004-03-03 FCC Coverup: The Face on Jackson's Nipple
What's next? A ghostly image of the Virgin Mary on Paris Hilton's poon?
2002-06-22 Oranges and Graphic Design
TMBG Dial-a-song of yesteryear, reincarnated today as a kooky Flash app. Boojoo.
2001-11-19 PNG Patents: Brit Hype or Threat to Graphix Freedom?
2001-07-15 MP3 Patch For nmap



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