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I didn't eat any shit. I slung it back at ya like an angry mandrill.
-- h.r. taffs


Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae

Cynara, a dowager duchess-in-exile, considers herself quite undressed unless decked with large diamonds and small lap-dogs. She bears with grave beauty the scars of her scandal-haunted past.

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2002-03-28 How to Mark a Nuclear Waste Disposal Site For the Next 10,000 Years
'Images of dangerous emanations and wounding of the body.'
2002-03-14 Flags of the World, Judged and Found Wanting
It may come as a surprise, but "there is no international body responsible for upholding simple standards of vexillilic aesthetics."
2002-03-14 Keep Parents Off The Internet!
We must keep pornography out of the hands of our parents! (A snorfle-worthy Shockwave.)
2002-03-01 Meme Scanner
Test your meme infection!



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